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Senior Consultant - Maersk Training Svendborg A/S

Niels Lynge Hagelskjær Nielsen

Grønnevænget 16. Thurø

DK 5700 Svendborg



Telephone +45 88 20 54 40

Cellphone +45 23 82 27 47


Primary private Email :

Job Email:         


Alternative E-mails:

Personal data
Social Security Numbers:
Denmark ###### - ####
Norway ###### - #####
Sweden ###### - ####
Nationality: Danish
Passport Number: nnnnnnnnnn (Exp. 21.11.2017)
Seamans Book issued: 06.07.1967




Social Security Number:

Nationality : Danish

Birth place:




Social Security Number:

Nationality : Danish

Birth place: Karup

Health certificates

Health Certificate for Persons engaged in the Petroleum Activity on the Norwegian Continental Shelf – Norwegian Board of Health/Rogaland County Medical Office
Issued 28.11.2011 – valid until 28.11.2013

PETRONAS CARIGALI Offshore Safety Passport A Valid Thru:
Medical 08-04-2015
Training 27-03-2018

Previous employment / occupation

Marine Engineer Trainee (21.07.1969 – 01.08.1971)

Shipowner J. Lauritzen

1 Hammerensgade

DK1267 Copenhagen K


Marine military service (15.07.1974 – 11.04.1975)

Royal Danish Navy
Serviced at: Stevnfort, Mine sweepers: Egernsund, Aaroesund and Ulvsund

Marine Engineer & Ships Mate – Dual Ships officer (15.04.1975 – 01.08.1979)

Shipowner J. Lauritzen

1 Hammerensgade

DK1267 Copenhagen K


Engineer Technical/Electrical (01.08.1979 – 15.05.1980)

Forsvarets Bygningstjeneste

Flyvestation Karup

DK7470 Karup


Special Driller Trainee (01.06.1980 – 30.06.1983)

H2S Safety Supervisor

Assistant Driller (Jack-up MODUs , Semi subs)

Driller on Jack-up MODUs, Semi subs (01.07.1983 – 30.06.2009)

Maersk Drilling

Esplanaden 50

DK1098 Copenhagen


1: Training Instructor Oil & Gas (01.07.2009 – 15.02.2007)

2: Training Manager Oil & Gas

3: Deputy Managing Director – Development/Training Oil & Gas

4: Senior Chiefinstructor Oil & Gas – HSEQ Systems Manager

Maersk Drilling Training Centre

37 A. P. Møllersvej

DK 5700 Svendborg



Maersk Training Centre

4 Dyrekredsen. Rantzausminde

DK 5700



Drilling Operations Superintendent – Maersk Drilling Norge AS (16.02.2007 – 30.04.2010)

Training & Competency Superintendent – Maersk FPSOs

Maersk Contractors Norge AS

Christian August Thorings veg 9

P.O. Box 134 Forus

NO 4065 Stavanger


Principal Advisor – Training Hub – AconaWellpro AS (01.05.2010 -31.01.2012)

Laberget 24

P.O. Box 216

NO 4066 Stavanger


Senior Consultant – Acona AS (01.02.2012 -30.06.2012)

Laberget 24

P.O. Box 216

NO 4066 Stavanger


Senior Consultant – (01.07.2012 – ongoing)

Maersk Training Svendborg A/S

4 Dyrekredsen. Rantzausminde

DK 5700



Formal education

1967 Real Exam (DK)

1973 Marine Engineer Exam

1974 Extended Marine Engineer Exam (Bachelor)

1976 Ships Mate Exam

Further education/courses

Kogtved Søfartsskole – Svendborg DK – 12.07.1967 – 13.12.1967

Certificate of Competency as Ship’s Engineer, 2nd Class – Esbjerg, DK – 15.04.1975

Radar Theory and operation – Marstal, DK – 01.07.1976

Radar Simulator Course – Copenhagen, DK – 06.10.1978

Radar Course – Copenhagen, DK – 09.10.1978 – 13.10.1978

Oil Introduction – Svendborg, DK – 02.06.1980 – 06.06.1980

Innføringskurs for borepersonnel – Stavanger, Nor – 12.07.1980 – 31.07.1980

5-Weeks Drilling Technology – Svendborg, DK – 04.08.1980 – 26.09.1980

Petroleum Technology – Houma, Lousiana, USA - 09.11.1980 – 14.11.1980

Stability & Safety – Svendborg, DK – 01.05.1981 - 01.05.1982 homestudy

Danish Red Cross – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – 09.11.1981 – 12.11.1981

Danish Red Cross – Basic First Aid – 12.11.1981

First Aid Basic - Houma, Lousiana, USA - 09.05.1982 – 11.05.1982

H2S Basic - Houma, Lousiana, USA - 12.05.1982 – 13.05.1982

Stability & Safety, Svendborg, DK – 08.06.1982 – 09.06.1982

Well Control Basic – Svendborg, DK – 14.02.1983 – 18.02.1983

Well Control Refresher – Svendborg, DK – 06.11.1984 – 08.11.1984

Elementary Safety – Fanø, DK – 02.10.1986 – 03.10.1986

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus – Dräger, Germany – 31.03.1987 – 02.04.1987

SCBA pressure reducer - Dräger, Denmark – 07.04.1987

Directional Drilling for Engineers, Aberdeen, UK – 14.03.1988 – 18.03.1988

LEIRO I & III Fanø, DK – 06.06.1988 – 17.06.1988

Well Control Refresher – Svendborg, DK – 27.07.1988 – 29.07.1988

Well Control (DOE) Subsea Supervisor – Aberdeen, UK – 16.10.1988 – 18.10.1988

Well Control (DOE) – Aberdeen, UK – 21.11.1989 – 23.11.1989

LEIRO I & III, Fanø, Denmark – 30.08.1990 – 31.08.1990

Safety Refresher – Fanø, DK – 30.08.1990 – 31.08.1990

Drill Through Equipment, Aberdeen, UK – 10.09.1990 – 14.09.1990

PROCON – Stavanger, Norway – 13.05.1991 – 16.05.1991

WordPerfect 5.1 I & II & III – Odense, DK – 23.10.1991

Well Control (OPITO) SS Superv.  – Aberdeen, UK – 03.04.1992

Well Control (HSE) SS Superv.  – Aberdeen, UK – 06.04.1995

Well Control (IWCF) SS Superv.  – Svendborg, DK – 10.03.1995

Well Control (IWCF) SS Superv.  – Svendborg, DK – 13.07.1997

Management Seminar II – Copenhagen, DK – 25.08.1997 – 27.08.1997

Cementing Technology – Aberdeen, UK – 28.10.1991 – 01.11.1991

Optical Fibre Technology – Svendborg, DK – 25.08.1992 – 26.08.1992

MWD Technology – Aberdeen, UK – 18.05.1992 – 22.05.1992

Risk Management – Svendborg, DK – 21.01.1993 – 02.01.1993

2 day stuck pipe prevention – Svendborg, DK – 04.05.1993 – 05.05.1993

Instructor Course – Nymindegab, DK – 17.03.1996 – 22.03.1996

Smart Drilling Instrumentaion – Stavanger, Nor – 14.02.200 – 15.02.2000

Maersk Corporate Structure & Operations – DK – 06.03.2000 – 17.03.2000

Basic Safety and Emergency Training Course (OLF approved) – 15.10.2009

Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (OPITO approved) –

Basic Safety and Emergency Preparedness Course (OLF approved) – 20.09.1996 21.12.2001

Basic Safety and Emergency Training - Refresher Course (OLF approved) - 14.10.2009 - 15.10.2009

Well Control (IWCF) SS Supervisor – Svendborg, DK – 01.02.2002

Well Control (IWCF) SS Supervisor – Svendborg, DK – 13.12.2004

Well Control (IWCF) SS Supervisor – Svendborg, DK – 13.12.2006

Well Control  (IWCF) SS Supervisor - Svendborg. DK – 10.02.2012

Approved IWCF Assessor
Rotary Drilling Well Control Combined Surface & Subsea BOP Stack

Drillsim 5000 Full Scale Simulator - (Maersk Training A/S Svendborg). DK – 10.02.2012

Drillsim 5000 Full Scale Simulator - (Maersk Training Petcon AS Stavanger). NO – 10.02.2012

Drillsim 50 Portable Simulator - (Aker Well Service AS Stavanger). NO – 08.05.2012

Drillsim 50 Portable Simulator - (Aker Well Service AS Bergen). NO – 08.05.2012

CS Inc. Portable Simulators - (NORTRAIN Stavanger). NO – 09.05.2012


Approved Auditor/Monitorfor International Well Control Forum



German (limited)

Norwegian (limited)

Swedish (limited)

Other relevant experience

Maersk Drilling – Driller Trainee – Jack-up – 10.08.1981 – 09.03.1983

Maersk Drilling – Derrickman – Jack-up – 09.03.1983 – 20.12.1983

Maersk Drilling – Assistant Driller – Jack-up – 20.12.1983 – 30.07.1985

Maersk Drilling – Driller – Jack-up – 30.07.1985 – 08.01.1986

Maersk Drilling - H2S Safety Supervisor – 08.01.1986 – 23.11.1988

Maersk Drilling – Assistant Driller – Semi-sub – 23.11.1988 – 12.12.1989

Maersk Drilling – Driller – Semi-sub – 12.12.1989 – 31.08.1990

Maersk Training Centre – Training Instructor – 01.09.1990 – 31.12.1993

Maersk Training Centre – Training Manager – 01.01.1994 – 21.07.2005

Maersk Training Centre – Sen. Chief Instr./HSEQ Mgr. – 22.07.2005 – 15.02.2007

Maersk Contractors Norge AS – Drilling Ops. Superint. – 16.02.2007 – 30.10.2009

Maersk Drilling Norge AS – Training & Competency Superint. – 01.11.2009 – 30.04.2010

Acona Wellpro AS – Principal Advisor – Training Hub. - 01.05.2010 - 31.01.2012
ACONA A/S - Senior Consultant  01.02.2010 - 30.06.2012

Maersk Training Svendborg A/S. - Senior Consultant. 01.07.2012 - Ongoing

Investigation team member and Investigation team leader during accident investigations on board mobile drilling units on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Responsible for:

Education of Assistant Rig managers

Education of Drilling and Maintenance Operator apprentices

Member of Exam assessor team for Drilling and Maintenance Operator apprentices (Rogaland Fylke)

Daily support in drilling operation related matters

Participated in the day-to-day running of the rigs - Relieving Rig Managers

Support the maintenance and improvements of the established management system

Verification of competence for drilling personnel according to local legislation

Support in relation to drilling operations and maintenance of primary well control

Support in relation to re-establishing primary well control if well control is lost

Support positive client relations

Support in improving efficiency

Maintain and improve close relations within departments and promote good professional relationship with authorities and clients

Representing the Company in professional committees and boards:

1: European Well Control Forum – Board Member

2: International Well Control Forum – Board Member

2: Norwegian Task Force for Well Control Competence – Committee Member

Guest Speaker at the NOIA Seminar St. Johns, Nova Scotia Canada

Commissioning of Automatic Mud Mixing System PROCON Norway

Developed Competence GAP-analysis model for Norwegian drilling and well service personnel

Participated in development of competence and skill recording system

Participated in development of Lesson Plans (Assessment Plans) for Marine Crew, Maintenance Crew and Drill Crew on Mobile Drilling units.


Board Member of IWCF Danish Branch in periods betw. 01.12.2011 - 01.12.2011

Participated in development of Lesson Plans (Assessment Plans) for Marine Crew, Maintenance Crew and Production Crew on FPSO unit.

Commissioning of Drillsim 5000 Full Scale Drilling and Well Control Simulator

Upgrade of DS 5000 with additional features including:

Drillers BOP Panel with additional Kill Lines and Choke lines

Volumetric/stripping simulation

Choke line pressure gauge for subsea BOP choke line friction

Project management:

Developed exam plans for Drilling Operator Apprentices (Rogaland Fylke – Norway)

Training and assessment scenarios on Drilling and Well Control simulators.

E-learning tutorial for BOP control systems:

Interactive Well Control Equipment Simulator

Author and producer of VHS training videos

Practice the correct lifting technique

Smokehood escape system

Author and producer of training DVD (On-site recording and manuscript)

Mærsk Explorer in Operation

Mærsk Inspirer in Operation

Developed and conducted various petroleum industry training courses including:

Drilling Calculations

Safety Awareness (Based on Dupont)

Safety Team Workshop

Drilling Technology 1

Drilling Technology 2

Drill Through Equipment

HP/HT Seminars (SAGA Petroleum)

H2S Toxic Gas Safety – Level B

Horizontal well control

Introduction to Drilling & FPSO Operations

Education Programme for Junior Drilling Staff

Practical Well Control

Rigging & Slinging

Stuck-pipe Prevention

Well Control – Combined Surface & Subsea BOP operations

Rig Crew Resource Management for -

Marine Crews

Technical/Maintenance Crews

Drilling Crews

Participated in the establishment and running of the company Maersk H2S Safety Services in 1982.

Developed the complete management system for Maersk Training Centre AS that was recognized and awarded by Det Norske Veritas - DNV - with Certificate of Excellence January 2007 - SeaSkills.

DNV Standard for Certification of Maritime Training Centres

DNV Oil & Gas Courses, DNV People Skills Courses

DNV Maritime Courses, DNV IMO Model Course “LNG”

DNV Cargo Handling Simulator certification

Managed the production and delivery of the complete H2S Safety training package including Training Gallery, maintenance and support facilities, documentation and quality assurance programs for Egyptian Drilling Company 2004 as a DANIDA project.


Member of the International Well Control Forum Board of Directors in periods from 1994.

Hereunder initiative to and support in the development of:

International Alliance for Well Control  - IAWC

ISO 9001 management system

Test question design rules

Test question bank development and maintenance

Surface BOP Installation tests questions Principles and Procedures

Surface BOP Installation tests questions Equipment

Subsea BOP Installation tests questions Principles and Procedures

Subsea BOP Installation tests questions Equipment

Drilling and well control simulator design specifications

WEB testing experiment

Group simulator assessment experiment

Education programs for IWCF Practical Assessors

Training material development initiative (currently on hold)

Quality control of training in preparation for IWCF testing, assessment and certification in compliance with the IWCF Syllabus (Currently under development)

Supported the transition of conventional management system to new process based system SIRIUS for Drilling operations.

Supported the development and implementation of Competency Management system SkillXP for Drilling operations.

Supported the implementation of Competency Management system Kompass for FPSO operations.

Author of Training Hub Management System in ACONA A/S.

Member of Task Force for Well Control training 2009 – 2010 by Norwegian Shipowners Association.

Participated in the development and conducting of Mini-seminars after the Deepwater Horizon blowout the Deepsea Bergen and the Deepsea Stavanger well control incident 2010. Seminars were given for interested parties in the oil and gas industry including a law firm and several drilling contractors.

Gave educational seminar for law firm regarding basic offshore drilling operations and the Deepwater Horizon blowout 2010.

Participated in the development of a quality assured training concept for MUX Deepwater BOP Control Systems. Conducted training of rig operational and maintenance personnel at the factory AXON – Presssure Products and Drilling Controls Inc. Houston – Texas in 2010 and 2011.

Gave input for technical and feasibility specification requirements in preparation of the tender for development of a state of the art well control and drilling simulator for deep-sea operations.

Coached the development of “Well Containment Plan” regarding emergency well control preparedness for major oil company in Norway.

Co-author for “Risk Assessment HP Drilling Riser” for a major oil company in Norway.

Co-author for the Report: BLOWOUT RISK EVALUATION Labrador Sea South-west of Greenland.

Supported the re-establishment of the IWCF Danish Branch in 2011.

Developed new lecture material for deep-sea drilling and well control operations including:

Well control incident study, presentation and lecture plan.

Set of various training challenges in relation to well kill operations on a full scale simulator.

Set of 119 exercise questions regarding the 3 most common well control methods.

New set of choke line friction exercises with graphs for subsea BOP operations.

Study of the document “National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling” and development of related presentation and lecture plan.

Proof reading of pressure gauge exercises for subsea BOP operations.

Proof reading and modification of trip tank flow-back calculation exercise.

Coaching of a professional human factor trainer in relation to lost well control.

Developed presentation and lecture plans for specific deep-sea drilling and well control challenges and combating of the same.

Test running of a full scale well control simulator after software upgrade.


Developed and conducted new lecture material for deepwater drilling on the North coast of Cuba 2011 including the following subjects:

Introduction to deepwater drilling

Evolution of oil drilling rigs
Introduction to SCARABEO 9 Deepwater Semi Submersible Dual Ram rig

Drillig rig surface systems

Riser systems and components
Station keeping

Drilling equipment

Tubular handling systems

Motion compensation

Drilling rig subsea systems

Well establishing sequence
Dual operations with the RAM-rig

Drill through equipment

Shallow gas

BOP control system

Subsea wellhead example

Well control

Pressures in the well

Kick prevention and detection

Deep water well control procedures

Circulating to kll by the Drillers Method

Circulating to kill by the Wait & Weight Method

BOP cleanout

Deepwater challenges

Shallow water flows

Mud volcanoe

Conductor slumping


Wellbore stability

Stuck-pipe prevention

Mud losses

Riser Margin

Mud selection



Planning, transport, weather, back-up supplies and minimum stock

The Macondo case, events and lessons learnt

Cementing of reservoir on the Macondo well

Advanced drilling techniques: Dual gradient, Mud cap etc.

Project support:

Study of demand, availability and selection of competency management software system in ACONA AS. Guided the software modification and carried out introduction of KOS Kompetanse og Opplærings System in ACONA AS.

Proofreading and modification of the Emergency Well Control Manual for a major Norwegian Oil Company including:
Cap & Contain contingency
Relief well drilling contingency
Well Kill by bullheading

Coaching and support for establishment of company specific Wells Containment Plan in a major Norwegian Oil Company

IWCF Training Provider resource demand study and support

Study and co-authoring of the ACONA Report Risk Assessment for use of High Pressure Drilling Riser


Co-founder of

LFN Drilling Consultancy A/S (Now Gefion Nordic A/S)
Havnepladsen 4B, 1

DK 5700 Svendborg



References upon request.

Transportation between Havana and Centro Politecnico Del Petroleo Cuba

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