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Lynge Nielsen
Maersk Training Svendborg A/S
4 Dyrekredsen
DK 5700 Svendborg

Senior Consultant
Cellphone +45 23 82 27 47
Job desk +45 63 21 99 66

Week 41, 2013 Maersk Training Svendborg - IWCF Combined Su & Ss Well Control

Hard work for Seniors and Juniors.
It paid off with a measured and documented massive lift of well control knowledge.

Week 39, 2013 Maersk Training Svendborg - BP Applied Deep Water Well Controltrol

The most exciting training week with BP Global Wells Institute's TOP Training Staff at Maersk Training Svendborg for the Maersk Discoverer crew.

5 days included a broad variety of tough training lessons, Human Factor issues and challenging practices in the Full Scale Simulator.

Chocking events and drama was blended with cozy company, great meals, network building and new friendships amongst men with a professional mindset.

Week 37, 2013 Maersk Training Svendborg - IWCF Combined Su & Ss Well Control

All 3 gentlemen participated with diligence - made everyone take their new IWCF Well Control certificate away with them 😀

Week 34, 2013 Maersk Training Svendborg - IWCF Combined Su & Ss Well Control

This week 6 gentlemen on the course

2 were Assessor Candidates

Easy combination of levels -
* Subsea BOP Supervisor
* Subsea BOP Driller

Great effort from everybody and good results in the exams.

Everyone left with new certificates

Week 26, 2013 Maersk Training Norway - IWCF Combined Su & Ss Well Control

Summer vacation season and only 3 candidates this time:
One Combined Subsea & Surface BOP Supervisor and two
Combined Subsea & Surface BOP Drillers

Great with more than usual simulator practice

All three went away with a new certificate

Week 24, 2013 Maersk Training Norway - IWCF Combined Su & Ss Well Control

Week 22, 2013 Maersk Training Norway - IWCF Combined Su & Ss Well Control

Another great week with 10 participants in class

Too many to make it within normal working hours with only one simulator

Two simulators, dilligent candidates and two IWCF Assessors made ends meet

Week 18, 2013 with Team Based Surface Well Control Course # 9

Small team and everybody eager to learn and contribute:

Erik Bødker
Frank Majgaard
Kevin Bain
Jan A. Huber

Time for great discussions

Week 16, 2013 Maersk Training Norway - IWCF Combined Su & Ss Well Control

10 persons in class gave us all long days with training and simulator assessments

Hard work and dilligence made everybody pass with a new certificate 🙃

10 gentlemen in class and MDN Staff ensured the pleasant atmosphere every day

Week 15, 2013 Team Based Surface BOP Well Control

Maersk Training Svendborg
Course #8 was a little team and a spontaneous new course was created for the purpose "Special Drilling and Well Control"
Jan Robert Gundersen
Sverre Nesdal Hansen
Phillip David Bech

Sufficient time for additional experimenting was appreciated 🤩

Team Based Surface BOP Well Control Week 10, 2013 - Maersk Training Svendborg

Team Based Surface BOP Well Control Course #7............

Busy week and pleasant atmosphere. Strong views and useful takeaways.

Team Based Surface BOP Well Control Week 09, 2013 - Maersk Training Svendborg

This time course #6 of this type conducted in the new MOSAIC II Simulator Complex.

Good course feedback from the 8 participants 🤔

IWCF Combined Subsea & Surface BOP Well Control

Maersk Training Norge AS in Sandnes again and this time in Week #8, 2013.

9 participants and high scores. Course in English with American Oilfield units.
The effort increased the well control class average knowledge from 58 % to 83% before the IWCF tests.

Good fun and busy days. 😲

IWCF Combined Subsea & Surface BOP Well Control

Week #07 - 2013 at Maersk Training Svendborg with 9 candidates and 2 IWCF Instructor/Assessor apprentices.

Long days resulted in full house with IWCF certificates. Worth the effort and great fun for me. 🙃

IWCF Combined Subsea & Surface BOP Well Control

Stavanger from 06 January to 10 January 2013. Class with 6 Supervisor candidates and all-pass. Busy and pleasant week.

Drill Through Equipment course

Drill Through Equipment course conducted in week 49, 2012 with the most dilligent class..............!😲

First ever Team Based Surface Well Control course.

What happened was a surprise, ... however everybody survived the danger and we stand stronger now ... as a team!! 🤩

Mission completed!!

Houston..........We have a problem!!!

Mission completed...........!!

The task was again technical training and coaching in MUX BOP Control Systems.

The 5th course completed the mission for this round.

It was a great opportunity to learn more and visit sites of interest.

More to follow if the demand arises again!!

Previous courses:
#01 Week 37, 2010: 06.09.2010 - 10.09.2010
#02 Week 44, 2010: 01.11.2010 - 05.11.2010
#03 Week 06, 2011: 07.02.2011 - 11.02.2010
#04 Week 44, 2011: 31.10.2011 - 04.11.2011
#05 Wekk 49, 2011: 05.12.2011 - 09.12.2011

Best regards,


Drilling Controls, Inc. Week 49, 2011

Course #05:
The fifth course had 12 participants so soon af the previous course in week 44. Good and busy time for all at the factory in Houston.

The course was appreciated by all.

It will be good to come back if the trend continues....
and it happens possibly again in May.

Drilling Controls, Inc. Week 44, 2011

Course #04:
The fourth course had grown to 14 participants after a long break since February 2011. Good to be back at the factory in Houston.

Much to do from October 31st to November 4th.

Good feedback from the participants. The course was praised by all.

It will be good to come back if the trend continues....
and it happens alredy in December.

Drilling Controls, Inc. Week 06, 2011

Course #03:
The third course at the factory in Houston. This time with a bigger team.

This time it took place from February 7th to February 11th.

Busy and demanding class...fine hosts and good feedback from the participants to the whole arrangement.

It will be good to come back if the trend continues....

Drilling Controls, Inc. Week 44, 2010

Course #02:
The second visit to Houston in 2010 with training of a new team in the MUX BOP control system.

It happened from November 1st to November 5th.

A lot to do....and learn.

Good men and a strong challenging team...!

Drilling Controls, Inc. Week 37, 2010

Course # 01:
06th to 10th of September 2010 was a great time and I was honored....and humble also!

Just think about it, conducting training in the middle of the factory where the Koomey BOP Control Units are made.
What a coincidence .... after 30 years in the petroleum business and then by chance lifted up to one of the most respected places to help with training in maintenance and safe operation of BOP control units at AXON Energy Products, Houston Tx.

Piloted Hydraulic and MUX Systems for subsea BOPs ......Who can ask for more...?

Please visit the WEB and learn more about this fantastic factory

Going again in November 2010 and further in February 2011. Hope the demand continues after that. I am looking forward to the work...and to meet the friendly people there again...!

Lynge Nielsen 19.04.2014 14:08

Hej JesperVen,
Der er flaskehalse og stram koordinering af simulator aktiviteterne året ud. Det sker som følge af nybygningsprogrammet. Kører 2-hold skift nu.

Jesper Krahl 05.12.2013 13:50

Hej Lynge, hvornår kommer der kurser på simulatoren som man kan deltage på uden at komme med hele firmaet. Er der kurser man kan melde sig på som enkeltperson ?

Niels Lynge Nielsen 21.09.2010 23:40

Back in Stavanger again after 11 days in Houston.
Exiting and definitely an honour to help educating personnel in the safe use of MUX BOP Control Systems.

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